Consultation with the Crystal Ball

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Consulto con la sfera di cristallo

Crystal ball consultation

A crystal ball consultation is an ancient divination practice involving the use of a transparent or semitransparent crystal ball or in some cases a black one, often called a crystal ball or divination ball. This practice is based on the idea that the crystal ball can serve as a tool for connecting with subtle energies and perceiving information from higher dimensions.

The orb-consultation process usually involves an experienced practitioner or psychic looking closely at the orb in a dim light or lit candle, focusing on the surface of the crystal. Through a state of meditation or light trance, the practitioner can see visions, symbols or images within the sphere, interpreting them as divinatory responses or messages.

These visions may be symbolic or representative of past, present, or future events, or they may provide insight into the consultant’s life, personal matters, or important decisions. Consultation with the sphere often requires intuition and psychic sensitivity on the part of the reader, as well as a deep connection with the sphere itself.

The crystal ball

A crystal ball is one of the most well-known magical tools for divination. The use of a crystal ball for divination, the vision of the future, is called crystalomancy, a method of divination in which shiny, reflective objects reveal images and visions of the future.

The crystal ball has become the stereotypical staple of the soothsayer, from gypsies to wizards, witches, and sorcerers. According to tradition, the best crystal is natural. Crystal balls made of artificial glass and crystal are widely used in modern times.

Magical tradition holds that a crystal ball, like other magical tools and talismans, should be magically empowered. This can be done through magical rituals or powers endowed with supernatural entities such as angels. For example, the 16th-century seer John Dee claimed to have received a crystal from the angel Uriel.

In the past, elaborate rituals were performed to peer with a crystal ball, which included invoking certain spirits and working only in auspicious times according to astrology or moon phases. Modern practitioners vary in their rituals. At the very least, the practitioner alters consciousness to facilitate the appearance of visions and the reception of information. Some may not see actual visions in a crystal but still receive information. The crystal itself is not considered to hold any magical power, but is a means for the practitioner to access psychic abilities.

The peculiarity of this consultation is that what is seen is a kind of scene that speaks to the future like a dream but more nebulous.

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