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Consultation Tarot fortune telling

Afro-brazilian tarot

Choose whether to have a tarot reading, with a simple question or an in-depth cartomancy consultation, we answer everything except health questions.
You will know, about love, luck, work or your business. We can also perform readings for third parties, and draw a profile on the person, together with the birth chart, we can help you understand you and the people around you!

But what does it mean to have a fortune-telling consultation?
The art of divination is one of the oldest magical arts in the world. The ancient Etruscans taught the Romans how to read the future in the bowels of animals; the Oracle of Delphi revealed to the Greeks how to stop the Persian invasion; the Chinese for over two thousand years have relied on the I-Ching for advice. Cartomancy was born six hundred years ago as a form of divination and as a game, but the Tarot, over the centuries, has evolved, adapting to an increasingly complex, more cultured and more modern society. Interpreting the Tarot means building a relationship between the meaning of each Arcanum extracted and every aspect of the question that has been asked. In fact, reading the Tarot does not just mean knowing what will happen tomorrow. In a general sense it is the search for an answer, and each answer depends on the question that arises and on how the reading takes place. Some questions wonder about the future, others are aimed at introspection, still others at developing aspects such as communication, intuition or imagination. In summary, each fortune teller decides how to use the Tarot according to their beliefs, their sensitivity and their inspiration.

You will receive the response by email.

Full consultation with us only € 15

You read well with us a cartomancy consultation costs only € 15, you can ask up to a maximum of 5 questions per consultation.

Request an online tarot consultation now, we will be happy to help you. We also consult tarot cards for love, work, etc. However, we absolutely do not do health tarot consultations.

Fill out the form below with all your details to request an online consultation immediately.

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