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    Esoteric essence Amansa Guapos – Domination


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    Esoteric essence Amansa Guapos – Domination

    With the powerful Esoteric essence Amansa Guapos (Gentle Lamb), Temperate, Dominion you will be able to take control of the one you love. There are people with a lot of character and a strong personality who can affect relationships in a very negative way, preventing the romantic relationship from strengthening.

    If this is your case, through this magical esoteric extract you will be able to dominate and tame that person who made things very difficult for you from the first moment. It will allow you to be able to tame your partner once and for all, making it easier for the relationship between the two to unfold properly.

    Also, with the help of this magical extract, you will make it easier to deal with all those rebellious people who are part of your life and with whom it is easier to live with every day, be it a boss, a parent, a sibling, a colleague, etc.

    Essence with a powerful ASHE scent made according to ancient customs, this product is one of the most successful in Santeria and its use is as simple as placing a few drops discreetly behind the ears, neck or wrists to obtain the desired effects; Basically, it is fragrant oil mixed with other secret ingredients. Santeria is a magical and religious cult that arises from the union between the ancestral beliefs of the African gods (orisas) and Catholic saints. This perfect symbiosis, which is called syncretism, opens a door for us to get in touch with the subtle and archetypal energies that are capable of helping us in all moments of our life.

    Benefits of the extract to tame and dominate

    • It will allow you to tame and dominate your partner once and for all, leaving behind his strong and dominant character and making him a much milder and more submissive person
    • You will be able to avoid a lot of arguments with your partner due to his strong character, making your relationship work smoothly and start moving forward once and for all.
    • Your partner will only have eyes for you and will not look at any other person, as you and only you will be the person he truly cares about and loves.
    • It is of great help to be able to calm the possible changes in mood that your partner may undergo regularly, achieving a greater balance in his character and in his way of being.
    • In addition to working with couples, both inside and outside of marriage, this magical extract will also help you dominate and tame all those rebellious people you deal with in your life (bosses, colleagues, family members, etc. )
    • In the event that there may be a black magic spell or spell against you that caused this situation, it will be completely destroyed and eliminated, protecting both of you from repeating itself.

    Remember that if you want to have good results it will be important to follow all the instructions and read the sentence carefully to fulfill your request. Perform the ritual in a quiet, relaxed space without anyone interrupting or disturbing you.

    You must remember that sometimes this magical extract is not able to work to its full potential in the first session due to the strong character of the person, so you may have to repeat the ritual a second time to verify the really desired results.


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