Ring sizes – How to find your own finger size?

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Ring sizes – how to find your own finger size?

There are two methods. The first if you have a band or wedding band-like ring, you can print the image below to then place over your ring until you find your size.

Italian size rings

Misure anelli

Or the second method is great for those without a ring.
You can use a centimeter to take the circumference of your finger and compare the measurement with the conversion table posted below. Or if you have a caliper you can determine the exact diameter of your finger and take your measurement from the conversion table.
Caution: always remember to take your measurement from the thickest point on your finger, which is very often the knuckle of the finger where you intend to wear the ring.
When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend that you use the larger size.

Of course on the site you will not always find the exact size, but standard measurements in that case take the size that is closest to yours.

Ring sizes

If you still have doubts, you can write to us via our contact section!

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