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What are the runes?

RUNES are the secret language of the world.
RUNA means “secret”, “whisper”.
They find their origins in the Germanic-Viking tradition and were also used by the mysterious Celtic people as a divination and magical instrument associated with the traditional Druidic divination form expressed through the reading of the Ogham; the pieces of wood carved with symbols representing their cryptic alphabet. These practices were handed down orally and for this reason, when reading a text on the Runes, it is possible to face differences in content if the texts are compared with each other. This is due to the fact that the sources handed down refer to the memory of the individual people who have collected the mystery. What matters, however, is their effectiveness and whatever source you use, you will find that what they say always responds to reality. They are in fact an inexhaustible source of power, possibilities, suggestions; a very valid divination method used even today.
In Europe, especially the northern one and during the Middle Ages, the runes were the protagonists of various magical rituals and for this purpose they are still used today above all by tracing the symbols (single or linked as you will see in the chapter the linked runes and the runic alphabet) for talismanic use . The symbols of the runes tell us about everyday life and are engraved on wooden tablets or on pebbles and shells. Wizards and witches throw them to the ground and read their auspices. Today they are more conveniently available on the market ready to use and this is useful if you do not have the manual skills necessary to pack them.
In total, the Runes are 24 plus the unnamed Rune.

All our rune bags come with a booklet with instructions for use.

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