Personalized astrological consultation

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Astrological consultation

Personalized astrological consultation

Do you want to know what fate has in store for you? do a personalized astrological consultation full!
You will have the opportunity to know your sign and ascendant and all the astrological houses, the aspects (conjunctions, trine, quincunx, sextiles, oppositions, quadratures), the onomantic horoscope, the meanings of the planets, and the combination with the tarot.

The words or expressions that we use today do not always have the meaning we attribute to them. When it comes to astrology, there are so many false information and preconceived ideas that it is never useless to make some clarifications.
The fundamental principle is that astrology derives from both science and art. Often we agree on its status as a science, without really knowing how or why. Even the most skeptical people say that Gastrology it is a false science, but a science nonetheless. On the other hand, almost everyone seems to be unaware that it is also an art, which appeals to the skills of intuition, inspiration, imagination, interpretation of the person who practices it.

Christmas card

By observing the sky at a given moment, a map of the sky can be developed. If this card is made from a person’s date of birth, then it is a birth chart.
What is a birth chart or birth horoscope? It is a chart of the sky defined no longer from an hour, a day, a month, a year or a geographical place, but from the date, time and place of birth of a person. In other words, the chart is a personalized sky chart. In fact, it is possible to realize the charter of the cycle of an event, such as the signing of a treaty, a contract, the birth of a business, a marriage, etc.
In these cases it is a question of an hourly theme, which is called in this way to distinguish it from the natal chart, which always concerns a person and not a thing or an event.


Onomantic astrology, too often subject to unjust criticism by the convinced supporters of the Scientific one, serves as an indispensable and determining element of the entire name, surname and possible second or third name of a person, attributing to each letter a numerical correspondence on the type of that used for numerology. These numbers, combined with the degrees and the digits of the year of birth, are used to draw up the Chart of the Sky of Birth, the Planetary Cycle of the Rosicrucian.

Destiny Tarot

Determination of the Arcana of Destiny (Tarot) with its location in the Houses.

Complete Analysis

You will receive the complete birth card + complete Onomantic + the Tarot of Destiny

All customized based on your personal data that you will give us once the order is completed, you can receive everything by email, or comfortably at home by post.

For each purchase it will be possible to analyze a single person, for several people to contact privately, or to buy more pieces for each single person.

Make an astrological consultation right away, you will find out what fate solves for you!

You will receive the complete consultation by email within 24 hours.

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In fact the cost for this consultation of only € 30 rather than 59 €!

You will receive by email the consultation of about 30 pages, which will include the various aspects of your life, if you have a question that has tormented you for years, you will surely find an answer within our consultation!

Fill out the form below, to receive your complete and personalized astrological consultation within 24 hours. Remember you can also ask for a consultation for another person, for example your children, you just need to know the date of birth, place, and time of birth. Besides the name is the surname of course. You can fill out the form several times and request a consultation per person.

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