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Cartomancy consultations, astrology, oracles, I Ching, crystal ball, numerology, dreams with smorfia

These are our consultations that we offer, each consultation is carried out with different methods, for example the cartomancy one makes use of tarot cards, the astrological one of course astrology, and the oracle one depends on the type of argumentation chosen, then we have the crystal ball excellent for general questions, the esoteric dream analysis with its smorfia excellent for discovering lucky numbers through one’s dreams. We also have the Chings for dry questions and last but not least numerology excellent for self-discovery.

Consulto astrologico

Astrological consultation
personalized complete with:
– Christmas card
– Onomancy (name study)
– Full zodiac profile
– Tarot of Fate
This is complete with about 28 A4 pages full of information, drawings, etc. Can be requested for oneself or others.
Possibility of a couple’s astrological consultation.


Oracolo veloce

There are two versions,
Oracle of love
Oracle of the future
, to be selected according to what you want to ask.
The oracle reading is a special esoteric, dry-question reading with the dry and often even enigmatic answer, where you only have to ask a question if you will receive a quick, dry answer.
This system from us costs only 5€ per application.


I ching consulti

I Ching or Book of Changes
draws its origins from ancient Chinese agricultural calendars (which were, moreover, the earliest forms of Chinese writing), used in practice to plan agricultural activities.
Only later did it develop into a full-fledged sapiential and oracular text.
This system preempts a single question


Analisi esoterica dei sogno

Esoteric interpretation of dreams
It is very important to be able to interpret what in the night appeared in the dream. You can understand a lot about yourself and your future. Sometimes it is also possible to have prescient dreams. This dark side of the human mind allows for advance knowledge of events that can affect both the subject and people close to him or her. Prescient dreams are associated by a ritual called ” THE SMORFIA ” with LOTTO numbers.
We offer dream analysis from an esoteric point of view and also provide the numbers of the smorfia upon request.


Consulto con la sfera di cristallo

crystal ball
is one of the best-known magical tools for divination. The use of a crystal ball for divination and future vision is called crystalomancy, a method of divination in which shiny, reflective objects reveal images and visions of the future.
NB. this system is good for vague questions not for detailed questions where it is better to use another method of divination.


Consulto di numerologia

Numerology is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, combinations of numbers, letters and symbols in your life.


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