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We are a very young company born entirely in Italy in Rome to be precise, the country where Christianity in the past has massacred heretics, witches, pagans, gays and Jews.
In recent years there has been a reawakening of beliefs now believed to be dead, first with a religious approach then unfortunately with a fashion approach.
What we propose and propose will be products that not even the country where Wicca was born has ever thought of producing, 90% of the products on this site have been designed and produced entirely in Italy.
This means that the products on this site will not be found elsewhere, if not at a lower price, but they will be poor copies in low quality.

Our logo is the name of a Greek divinity “Selene” transcribed in the runic alphabet, the runic was used by the Nordic peoples in the past to hide writings from the Christian inquisition, which if discovered would surely have been burned and put to the stake the people who owned them .

First name
The name that characterizes our web shop is Selene goddess of the moon, she is a Greek deity.
In Greek mythology Selene (in Greek Σελήνη, “moon”; etymology: “the resplendent”) is the goddess of the moon, daughter of Hyperion and Theia, sister of Elio (the sun) and Eos (the dawn).
Selene is the personification of the full moon, together with Artemis (the new moon), to which she is sometimes assimilated, and Hecate (the waning moon). The goddess is generally described as a beautiful woman with a pale face, wearing long flowing white or silver robes and carrying a crescent moon on her head and a torch in her hand. Many representations of her depict her on an ox cart or on a chariot pulled by horses, chasing the solar one.

She was the lover of Zeus, from whom she had Pandia and Erse (the dew). She had an affair with Pan, who disguised herself in a white sheepskin to seduce her and Selene climbed on top of her.

Another myth that concerns her is that of her love for Endymion, king of Elis. Selene fell in love with the beautiful young man and every night she visited him while he slept in a cave on Mount Latmo, in Asia Minor. In order to be able to visit him every night, Selene gave him an eternal sleep and fifty daughters were born from the relationship.

In Roman mythology she was associated with Luna; the temple of the Moon was located in Rome on the Aventine.

With us you will never find products such as card readings, personalized rituals etc.
Because magic is a philosophy of self-knowledge, not a business, the gain does not have to come from “powers” that you think you have. Here you will find only knowledge and culture, that culture that will help you understand how to do things on your own and not by turning to third parties, because esotericism is culture not a sale of one’s alleged paranormal faculties.

Find all our contacts on the contact us page.

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