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Candle for work


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Candle for work

The work candle is a very effective esoteric element in your rituals. It is a high-powered product for achieving major work improvement.

How will the work candle help you?

Today there are many unemployed people who need to work to eat, live and support their families. In addition, having a job gives us dignity.

Those who have jobs must feel very lucky. But there are times when in addition to having it, we want it to be even better.

The job candle is for making applications to be highly successful in the working world, so that we can develop better and receive the recognition we deserve.

It will help you do better and better and thus achieve your goals and objectives, and your leaders will recognize your efforts.

The Work Candle, to achieve a major work improvement

  • This work candle should be used to pray for success at work.
  • It will make things go better in your work and achieve your goals.
  • Your bosses or superiors will recognize and appreciate your efforts.
  • You will have a better chance of getting a job if you don’t have one.
  • You will get salary improvements because of your work well done.
  • The candle contains a prayer, instructions.
  • It can be lit in the home, where it will also act as a protector of it, or in the workplace, where it will be most effective for you to do so.
  • It can be combined with other esoteric salts that serve the same purpose: success at work.

This candle is already prepared with esoteric oils and essences, it just needs to be lit and the prayer recited.


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