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Pentacle ring


Ring with Pentacle

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The Pentacle Ring is a piece of jewelry with powerful symbolic meaning, rich in history and tradition. Characterized by the presence of the pentacle, an ancient magical symbol consisting of a five-pointed star inscribed in a circle, this ring represents the quintessence of the elements and cosmic balance.

Meaning and Usage:

  1. Protection: The pentacle is commonly associated with protection from negative influences and evil energies. Wearing this ring can provide a defensive barrier against unwanted influences and protect the user from harmful energies.
  2. Balance and Harmony: The five tips of the pentacle represent the elements of nature (air, water, earth, fire and spirit) and their harmonious interconnection. Wearing this ring can foster a sense of inner balance and harmony with the world around you.
  3. Spiritual Strength: The pentacle is also a symbol of spiritual strength and divine protection. Wearing this ring can strengthen the connection with one’s higher self and foster personal and spiritual development.
  • Material: Made of pewter.

Recommended Use:

  • Daily wear: Wear it as a daily piece of jewelry to constantly benefit from its protective and spiritual properties.
  • Rituals and Esoteric Practices: Use it during ritual or meditative practices to enhance energy and concentration, or as a protective tool during sacred ceremonies.
  • Spiritual Gift: Give this to a friend or loved one to wish them protection, balance and spiritual strength in their life journey.

The Pentacle Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a powerful symbol of protection, balance and spiritual strength, ready to guide and protect the wearer along the path of life.

Additional information

Weight150 g

18/58, 26/66, 30/70


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