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Book of Shadows Pentacle


The Pentacle Book of Shadows is an essential tool for spiritual practitioners, with 168 ivory pages, size 150×210 mm and hard cover. It is used to record rituals, spells and knowledge, becoming a valuable magical diary.

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Book of Shadows Pentacle

The Book of Shadows Pentacle is a valuable tool used in various esoteric and spiritual traditions, including Wicca and witchcraft. Here is an expansion of the information provided:

Composition and Features: The Book of Shadows Pentacle is a volume that consists of as many as 168 pages. These pages are made of ivory white paper, which is often chosen for its antique and authentic feel. The size of this book is 150×210 mm, making it handy enough to be carried easily but also spacious enough to hold a large amount of text and personal notes. The hard cover gives the book additional protection, helping to preserve the information and practices contained within.

Spiritual Use: The Book of Shadows is a kind of magical journal used by spiritual practitioners to record rituals, spells, knowledge, insights and personal observations. It is an essential tool for charting one’s spiritual path, preserving traditions and teachings, and creating a personal record of magical experiences.

The Pentacle: The mention of “Pentacle” in its name suggests a connection with this magical symbol. The Pentacle is often associated with protection and balance in magical rituals.

The Practical Dimension: The size and structure of the Pentacle Shadow Book make it practical for carrying with you during rituals and outdoor practices, providing adequate space for instant annotations and reflections.

Don’t know what a book of shadows is? In our article introduction to the book of shadows you will find an exhaustive explanation.

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