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    Book of shadows with rings Pentacle


    Book of shadows with rings, various sizes, colors and compositions.



    Book of Shadows

    Beautiful book of shadows, in rings, with the possibility of customizing the colors. (describe in the order notes how you want to customize it)

    The Book of Shadows

    The Book of Shadows is the Witch’s handbook, which contains invocations, rituals, spells, poems, rules governing magic, and so on. Some Shadow Books are passed down from one Wiccan and another. All you have to do is write in this book all the rituals, spells, invocations and magical information that you have composed or found elsewhere and want to keep.

    Below are the available sizes:
    Small 12.7 x 9 cm
    Medium 17.5 x 10.6 cm
    Large 21 x 15 cm

    Included is a ream of 45 sheets, but you can also have 90 sheets or even 135 sheets!

    The pentacle

    The pentacle was probably discovered as a result of astronomical research in the region of Ancient Egypt about 6,000 years ago. It was also found on broken clay fragments in Palestine in 4000 BC
    Those who conducted the search for symbols believe that the pentacle was used by the Sumerians as a cosmic symbol representing the four corners of the earth and the vault of heaven. After the time of the Sumerians there was no other evidence until it was found among the mystics of Pythagoras. It was used to symbolize man. The five points represent the head, arms and feet of the body. It is believed that Pythagoras also used it to sign his letters.
    With certainty, it is known that it was the official emblem of the city of Jerusalem during the period 300-150 BC
    Sometimes it represented the eastern star, identified with the morning star and the planet Venus.
    In the Middle Ages, Christians brought the pentagram to symbolize their religion, since for them each point corresponded to the five wounds of Christ. The star was sewn into the armor of the knights of the crusades.
    Then the pentagram was linked to witchcraft and wickedness. In the Nordic countries it was drawn on doors and walls as protection against trolls and evil.
    The inverted pentagram represents the devil. However, in some traditions, the inverted carried pentacle indicates that one is still going through initiation.
    For the Japanese, in their art of war it corresponded to fortresses.

    According to Wicca.
    Today it is worn by Wiccans as a symbol of their religious belief, as Christians carry the cross or Jews carry the Star of David. for more information find everything on the our blog .

    Additional information

    Weight 400 g
    Dimensions N/A

    Average, Great, Small


    Double Stack, One Ream Included, Triple RIsma


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