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Enhanced mirror reflection candle – defense


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Enhanced mirror reflection candle – defense

The candle enhanced mirror reflection ritualized for good wishes and protection. There is no mirror that does not reflect reality, reality in the mirror unfolds, doubles and above all, turns upside down…that is why since ancient times mirrors were attributed a magical value and were used to predict events.

Throughout history the mirror has been used to observe the future, answer questions, solve problems, and find lost objects and people.

The consecrated magic mirror candle comes with its mirror and simple instructions that, according to your request, will bring you closer to your desires or protect you.

The mirror also has an important esoteric meaning, as these are very interesting. Mirrors are called portals or windows to other dimensions and are believed to be able to transport or absorb energies. This mirror encourages change and transformation. As well as intelligence and positive thinking.

Black mirrors have been used and are used as a powerful magical device. But no one be fooled; you must be prepared to use them safely. According to tradition, all kinds of energies can be locked up in them and released at the magician’s will.

Positive thinking is very important in magic that aims to summon entities and that which seeks to harm. Resembling a shield, they are the ones that promote the protection and shielding of positive energies.

NB. although in the picture the mirror looks black, it is actually a classic mirrored mirror.

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