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Cero force of lightning mental unlocking


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Cero force of lightning mental unlocking

Good for making decisions

The powerful lightning candle for mental unlocking is used to clear and clarify all kinds of mental blocks.
Apristrada, development of psycho-mental faculties, improvement of physical health.
Helps overcome material and emotional obstacles.
Sometimes people find themselves in a mental quagmire or stuck problems with no apparent solutions.
This is due to serious difficulties projected in the astral that prevent us from finding the solution.
In these situations, no matter how many paths we seek, there are always setbacks.
This powerful lightning-shaped candle will be of great help in all such cases.
As the name implies, it is an empowering candle, it is an opener, advisable for those people who need a boost, who are a bit depressed, who need to clear themselves when faced with various decisions.
It comes with a scroll and complete instructions.


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Weight 400 g


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