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Prepared spark plug open road


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Prepared spark plug open road

The prepared candle road opener is a candle specially designed to clean out bad energies that do not allow you to move forward in your life. It will protect you from evil, remove confusion and, most importantly, open you up to all the good and positive that is about to come into your life.

By combining salt and the colors red and black, you will find the perfect combination to unlock the bad vibes that accompany you and give your path an aura of security and possibility, resulting in very deep meditations during your rituals.

  • Complete and detailed instructions on how you should use it.
  • Prayer to accompany the ritual and meditations.

What benefits will you receive from your rituals with the prepared candle road opener?

  • You will unlock your energy to open yourself to new enriching and positive experiences.
  • You will attract the prosperity and security you need.
  • You will strengthen your confidence and your life will reward you with wonderful gifts.
  • You will repeat undesirable energies, negativity and black magic.
  • You will open your way to wholeness and inner peace.

What will help you unlock?

Many times we find ourselves in vital moments that paralyze us, which do not allow us to move forward, or situations where doubt and frustration dominate us and do not bring out our potential.

These blockages can be mitigated or removed, thanks to candles to open pathways, as the power of purifying salt and the colors chosen create the perfect combination for this purpose.

With the prayer we include and a small ritual, you will be able to unlock the wall that separates you from everything you want. You can make your way, observe the amount of possibilities that life offers and be closer to inner peace.

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