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Solomonic Taper of Jupiter investment success


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Solomonic Taper of Jupiter investment success

The Solomonic Candle of Jupiter Investment Success is a powerful esoteric resource designed to foster investment success and bring glory, honor, dignity and wealth into your life. This candle is based on the “Second Pentacle of Jupiter,” known for its powers to attract financial benefits and prosperity.

The Second Pentacle of Jupiter. This is suitable for acquiring glory, honors, dignity, riches and all kinds of benefits, along with serenity of mind; it also unveils Treasures and drives away the presiding spirits. It must be traced on virgin paper or parchment, with the feather of a swallow and the blood of an owl. In the center of the seal is God’s No-me AHIH, Eheieh. In the upper and lower triangles the Name of God, Father; in the other triangles the Tetragrammaton. On the outside of the seal the letters that do not form a name but are taken from the surrounding verse, from Psalm CXI, 3: Decor et magnificentia opus eius, et iustitia eius manet in saeculum saeculo- rum.

Benefits of the Solomonic Candle of Jupiter success in investments:

  • Success in Investment: This candle was created to help you achieve success in financial investments. It can be used to improve your economic situation, attract profitable investment opportunities and foster wealth growth.
  • Glory and Honor: The candle is also designed to bring glory, honor and dignity into your life. It will help you gain recognition and admiration from others for your financial achievements and personal accomplishments.
  • Mental Seriousness: This candle will also help promote serenity of mind, enabling you to make wise and rational financial decisions. Mental clarity is critical to success in investing.
  • Revealing Treasures: The taper can also be used to search for and reveal hidden opportunities or financial “treasures” that may be beyond the surface. It can help you discover opportunities you might not otherwise be aware of.
  • Drive Out Negative Energy: The Jupiter Solomonic Candle is also known for its ability to drive out negative spirits that might hinder your path to financial success.

This candle is ready to use and comes with the seal of Jupiter and all the necessary directions to maximize its effectiveness. Use it confidently and carefully to improve your financial situation and achieve investment success.

It comes ready to use.

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