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Esoteric dust of hate


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Esoteric dust of hate

Esoteric Powder of Hate: Get rid of Negative People

If you are looking for an effective way to remove someone from your life or get rid of negative energies, Esoteric Hate Dust is the right choice. This esoteric powder has been carefully prepared to help you handle complex situations with power and intention.

Ways of Use:

  1. Pouches, Candles and Rituals: The powder can be placed in sachets, used on candles or integrated into your rituals to strengthen the effectiveness of your esoteric practices.
  2. Diffusion In Environments: Scatter dust in the corners of your home or key spaces to neutralize unwanted energies.
  3. Mix with Special Waters: Create mixtures with water and spray in desired environments to positively influence your intent.

Common Uses of Esoteric Powders:

  1. Amulet Enhancement: Add a small amount of powder to a pouch and attach it to your amulet to enhance its effectiveness.
  2. Environmental Diffusion: Scatter dust in the rooms you wish to purify, such as doors, furniture and corners, to repel negative energies.
  3. Floor Washing: Mix the powder with the water used to wash the floors and clean the desired spaces.
  4. Personal Application: To influence a person or situation, touch the powder with your index finger and then touch the desired person or garment.

The Esoteric Powder of Hate was created to give you the power to manage the energetic dynamics of your life. Order today to get rid of unwanted influences and regain balance.

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