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Azulillo esoteric powder


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Azulillo esoteric powder

Azulillo Yemanja esoteric powder is used for purification and in rituals and offerings to Yemanja.

Sprinkle on the ritual being performed.
Widespread in the corners of the home or workplace.
Symbolic launching in places.
Anoint candles alongside an esoteric oil to enhance requests or rituals.
Prepare amulets by putting them in a bag that we will take with us.

The formula with which we made these Azulillo Yemanja powders is completely handmade, without any chemical components and following esoteric rules.

Access our liturgical oils to enhance your ritual or request. As well as the ideal products to complement these esoteric powders:

How are esoteric powders used?

They are very useful and serve as auxiliaries and enhancers in white magic spells, making them more effective and powerful. Likewise, they can be an adjunct that helps to add strength to the ritual you are going to perform. This can be done in several ways:

To enhance amulets by adding a small amount of esoteric powders in a bag next to our amulet.
They can be scattered in the corners of our home, business, furniture, windows, walls depending on the purpose.
In candles, altars–in the same way we use herbs to anoint candles, esoteric powders can be used.
In clothes and people, we will first use our index finger in the dust and then touch the person.
To clean floors by adding powders to the bucket.


They cannot be ingested.
Keep away from children and pets.
They are used exclusively esoterically.

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