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Essence esoteric attraction


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Essence esoteric attraction

Esoteric Essence of Attraction is a product derived from the culture and practices of Santeria, a magical and religious cult that blends African beliefs of orisas with Catholic saints. This product is a scented oil with secret ingredients that is used to achieve desired effects such as attracting money, work, love and magnetism.

This product can be used to generically attract anything

Using the product is simple: just apply a few drops behind the ears, on the neck, or on the wrists to attract subtle, archetypal energies that can help at any time in life. The esoteric essence of attraction is one of the most successful products in Santeria because of its potency and effectiveness.

In summary, esoteric attraction essence is a product that aims to connect with subtle and archetypal energies to attract money, work, love and magnetism into the user’s life. It is a product derived from Santeria culture and practices, and is used by many people who believe in its effectiveness.

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