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Esoteric essence drives away spirits

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Esoteric essence drives away spirits

Esoteric spirit banishing essence has the power to keep away all kinds of entities that feed on our life energy. These entities can be close to us or to our home.

These evil spirits feed on our life energy and cause us uncomfortable situations.

When do I need the esoteric spirit banishing essence?

Although it is very difficult to notice these spirits and we usually attribute problems to a bad day or a bad time, there are several symptoms that will help us know if we have a spirit nearby that is haunting us.

The following symptoms are:

  • Ornate setting is negative.
  • General reluctance and irritability with others.
  • Bad answers for no apparent reason , neither from us nor towards us.
  • Repeated breakdowns or technical problems near us.
  • Feeling that everything is wrong for us and we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you feel that one or more of these symptoms are present in your life, it is time to acquire the spirit chaser greasepaint and expel those evil spirits from your life, so that you can live happily and fully again.

Let’s not just use it on ourselves

If you are not the person these spirits are bothering you, you can also use the spirit chase candle to help those people, whether they are your partner, family member, colleague or friend .

In order for it to act on other people, when lighting the candle we must think only of that person or place where we want to scare those spirits that annoy us.


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