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Garrapata Perfume – Love Binding


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Garrapata Perfume – Love Binding

This Garrapata perfume is special for rituals where we want to bind someone to us like a tick. Tick resin is extracted from an ancient seed of the same name, whose shape resembles an insect. It is used to enhance rituals of attraction, or that we want them to adhere to, such as love, success, work, health.

We will use it to bind your loved one, to give more effectiveness to your United Claims, both in Love and Money. It can be used to attract new love and strengthen struggling couples, or to give strength to a couple we want to form. It helps us attract the desired person to us.

Brazil Tick perfume can be used for various purposes, the best known being for love, it makes our love stick to our lover and does not come off.
To use this tick scent we need to put a few drops on the neck, behind the ears, on the wrists or on the neckline. Somewhere our lover will play.
When we use it, we have to concentrate hard and repeat the end we want. If possible, we can also put the scent of ticks on the person we want it to work with.
It can also be used to strengthen struggling couples or to empower a couple we want to form.

It is recommended to be used together with Garrapata oil and Garrapata candle.

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