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Incense money – Satya


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Incense money – Satya

Satya’s Money Incense is a fragrant blend specially created to promote financial growth and the attraction of prosperity. With its unique, enveloping fragrance, this incense is designed to offer energetic support in attracting wealth and financial success into your life.

Main Features:

  • Enchanting Scent: Satya’s money incense blend exudes a rich, enveloping scent that helps create a positive atmosphere conducive to financial growth. Its aromatic scents are designed to stimulate the mind and soul, promoting concentration, mental clarity and productivity.
  • Prosperity Attraction: This incense is formulated with specific ingredients known for their properties of attracting wealth and financial success. Burning this incense during meditation, visualization or work practices can help focus energy on the goal of increasing prosperity in your life.
  • Decisions and Productivity: The stimulating aroma of Satya money incense can help improve concentration and promote greater mental productivity. It is useful during work sessions, study or during times when important financial decisions need to be made.
  • Provenance: This high-quality incense is made in India, renowned for its long tradition of creating superior quality incense. Made with fine ingredients and according to traditional methods, each incense stick is an expression of the art and craftsmanship of ancient Indian artisans.

Add a note of prosperity and abundance to your home or work space with Satya’s Money Incense. Burn it during your spiritual practices or simply to create a positive, energy-rich atmosphere

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Weight 50 g


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