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Astral incense 7×7 against everything – purification


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Astral incense 7×7 against everything – purification

Astral Incense 7×7 vs. All a powerful natural incense that can cleanse, purify and protect you from everything that hurts you. You can make all kinds of requests to achieve your inner peace, well-being and happiness in any field.

It is very effective in matters related to love, work, money, and family. It is a great protector of the negative and bad around you, especially against those inner demons that affect you negatively on an astral level.

  • Each box contains a total of 20 sticks
  • Pleasant and delicate aroma of flowers and herbs
  • Duration of 20-30 minutes for each incense stick
  • Made with natural essential oils
  • Handcrafted by experts in the field
  • It does not have any substance that is toxic
  • It has been consecrated and enhanced with proxy prayers
  • SAC is a renowned incense manufacturer

Benefits of 7×7 astral incense vs. everything

  • It is a particularly good incense for protecting yourself from everything around you. You will be responsible for effectively cleaning and purifying all the environments around you
  • It is very effective to cleanse your inner self of inner evil demons that negatively affect you on the astral plane.
  • At those times when you feel most distant and winless from progressing, this incense will help you heal and evolve so that nothing stops you and you can always continue with your life, your projects and your achievements.
  • It is perfect for scenting any living room or atmosphere before a meeting or parties. It is also suitable for use in relaxation, meditation and yoga sessions

How to use this 7×7 incense against everything

The use of incense has no mystery. Its use is really simple. Place a stick on the incense bracket, light the tip and burn for 10 seconds. Then you just have to extinguish the flame, letting the stick be consumed.

It is not advisable to directly breathe in the smoke that the incense releases. Avoid placing incense near drafts or in open windows. Burn this incense at least twice a week so that the results are long. Remember not to leave incense near children and animals.

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