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Incense Open road


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Incense Open road

This Open Road incense of floral smells, is used for when we have a negative streak and have any situation in our life very stagnant and we want to open the way, so that everything flows well. Open-growth incense is used to attract customers in businesses, as it activates the energy of attracting customers.

Do you feel stuck? Are things in your life stagnant and there is no change? Don’t worry-there are ways to invoke change and transformation. With the powerful incense opens, we will unlock paths and know the power that lies in the very following: making things happen.

Frankincense opens pathways as its name indicates helps us open our ways when we have gone through a bad phase or when we want to achieve new changes and get the energies flowing well. This incense is recommended for businesses as it activates the energy needed to attract customers.

This road-opening incense can be put on for 3 consecutive days to purify and remove that negativity and help us achieve all our goals. Open Road Incense combines the sweet fragrance of pachouli with the refreshing aroma of mandarin. It is ideal incense for creating pleasant surroundings and environments in any situation and at any time of the day.

It accompanies an orange candle when the incense stick is lit, to strengthen our desire.

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