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Palo Santo Legnetti Original Incense in Stakes

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Palo Santo Original Incense in Stakes

100% Natural Wood Bursera Graveolens Peru

  • WHAT IT IS: This natural incense is considered holy wood for its numerous beneficial properties on a psycho-physical level: it has a relaxing effect giving peace and serenity, restores inner balance and positive energies. It was already used by the shamans of the Mayan and Incas civilizations in ceremonies and rituals for its ability to create communication with the spiritual world
  • VARIETY: The origin of the Popular wood is Peruvian, more precisely it is produced in the north of Peru near the mountains, in the Andean region. The fragrance is delicate and less persistent. The artisan cut is less regular, more rough. The aroma is delicately fruity, its sweetness is sweet, its character prudent and sensitive. It is the selection specially designed by Herborea for those approaching Palo Santo for the first time or for those who prefer a softer aroma
  • ENVIRONMENT: The Palo Santo brand guarantees the controlled production of Palo Santo wood in full respect of the habitat of the plant and the environment: the wood is not cut from living trees but harvested by hand from the ground after the plant has finished its natural process of life and after maturation on the ground for at least 4 years during which the essential oil and its aromatic scent stabilize; each of our products is guaranteed by smoke analysis and botanical origin
  • USE: light the stake at one end with a lighter, and then turn it off immediately: the flame must last a few seconds so as not to burn the resin. A wisp of smoke will rise from the embers and spread throughout the environment. To fuel the combustion we can gently blow on the embers reviving it as if we were giving energy to the sacred fire. When the embers go out, we can repeat the ignition. DO NOT leave the flame lit under the stick for more than a few seconds!

Various packs of various formats:
(Package: 50 gr / 5-6 logs) – 5 €
(Package: 100gr / 15-20 logs) – 10 €
(Package: 250 gr) – € 18.50
(Package: 500 gr) 32 €
(Packaging: 1 kg) 60 €
(Package: 2 kg) – 120 €
(Package: 3 kg) – 180 €



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1 kg, 100gr / 15-20 logs, 2 kg, 250 gr, 3 kg, 50 gr / 5-6 logs, 500 gr


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