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Thelema Lenormand oracle


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Thelema Lenormand oracle – A Journey into Esotericism and Wisdom

Product Description Thelema Lenormad:

The Thelema Lenormand oracle is a masterpiece of art and symbolism, created by the talented artist Renata Lechner, famous for her Thelema Tarot. This deck of Lenormand cards combines esoteric energy with profound wisdom, offering a unique reading experience for anyone wishing to explore the world of divination.

Main Features:

  • Enchanting Illustrations: The cards are beautifully illustrated with rich symbolism that captures the essence of each card clearly and evocatively. Art itself is a work of art to be appreciated.
  • Suitable for Everyone: The deck is perfect for both beginners and experts in Lenormand. If you are new to the art of divination, you will find these cards accessible and effective. If you are an expert, you will appreciate their power and the depth of the readings.
  • Multilingual Guide: The included guide is available in five different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. This means you can deepen your understanding of the papers in the language of your choice.
  • 2-Card Reading: The deck offers a 2-card reading that can give you quick and clear answers to questions that arise in daily life.
  • High Quality Box: The cards are packaged in a well-constructed box, which makes them convenient to carry and store. A ribbon at the bottom of the box allows you to pull the cards out easily.

Explore the World of Divination with Thelema Lenormand Oracle

Thelema Lenormand oracle invites you on a journey into the art of divination, offering a powerful and inspiring tool for exploring questions and situations in your life. With fascinating illustrations and a multilingual guide, it is suitable for a wide range of people around the world. Discover the power of divination with this extraordinary deck of Lenormand cards.


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Weight200 g
Dimensions14 × 10 × 3 cm


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