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Runic Hammer of thor Mjöllnir pendant

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Hammer of thor Mjöllnir runic

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Hammer of thor Mjöllnir rune in pewter

Nordic talisman and amulet
Origin: Germanic god of thunder, storm and fertility, protects humans and gods from giants (in Old Germanic Donar or Donner).
Symbols: Dorn (the rune) is the symbol of Thor, the powerful god with his hammer Mjòllnir. It represents the moment of action. He is the strongest of all gods and men. And the god of storm and weather (for navi- gers) and fertility (for farmers), the great protector of Midgard.
Meanings as talisman or amulet: For sincerity, fidelity, trustworthiness, strength, reasonableness, and impulsive acting and spontaneity.

Origin: Thor’s hammer was forged by Sindri the dwarf. Its handle is too short because Brock, Sindri’s brother who operated the bellows, was stung by a horsefly and became distracted, interrupting the flow of air for a few moments. There is virtually nothing that can resist the force of the hammer. It always returns to the one who hurled it, and is therefore the symbol of the indestructible and inexhaustible life force of nature. It paralyzes the wearer’s enemies. It is the strongest Nordic symbol.
Symbols: Thor’s hammer is the symbol found most often on runic stones and inscriptions. And also represented often on rocks and especially on graves to ensure the repose of the deceased. It is worn as a symbol of faith in the ancient gods. Thor’s hammer was coming
worn by pagans as an amulet as a sign of prò- head against the Christian custom of carrying crosses.
Meanings as a talisman or amulet: Defends against malignant attacks of any kind. It protects against danger and evil and provides powerful support and a free flow of energy.

Dimensions: 37mm x 25mm

Additional information

Weight100 g

in fabric, metal


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