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Silver-plated Wisdom Pendulum with Deluxe Compartment


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Silver-plated Wisdom Pendulum with Deluxe Compartment

The pendulum is a fascinating tool used for divination and discovering hidden secrets, as well as for searching for lost objects. Its main function is to amplify and make manifest the vibrant energy that surrounds us and the world. When used dexterously, the pendulum responds to this energy with specific movements, offering valuable information and responses. The type of movement can vary depending on the energies present, offering valuable insights into the area of research.

The Silver-plated Wisdom Pendulum with Deluxe Compartment is a gem of dowsing, an ancient and mysterious discipline. This pendulum not only serves a functional role but is also an object of beauty. Its silver case offers sophisticated style.

In addition to its functionality, this pendulum is an exclusive piece of jewelry. It comes with an original bag for safe storage. Use the pendulum to explore the energy around you and to get answers to your questions. Its beauty and significance make it a precious gift for yourself or for lovers of mysticism. For more details and information, visit our pendulum blog page.

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Weight 100 g


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