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Solomonic ritual to avoid return stroke


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Solomonic ritual to avoid return stroke

The Solomonic Ritual to Avoid Backsliding is an important magical practice to protect yourself and others from the negative effects of your actions. It should be considered whenever a potentially risky magical act is undertaken, such as spells, exorcisms or hexes, or even when there is a fear that a spell may have unintended consequences.

The ritual kit includes:

  • A virgin and vegetable wax candle: The candle represents light and purification, essential elements for repelling negative energy.
  • Scrolls with special seals: These magical seals are meant to reinforce your intention to avoid backlash and protect yourself.
  • Blank scrolls: These blank pages represent purity of intention and can be used during the ritual to note your goals and desires.
  • Detailed Instructions: You will receive clear and easy-to-follow instructions for performing the ritual successfully.

If you are unsure about which ritual is right for your situation or would like personalized advice, please consult our experienced fortune teller. He will be able to offer you valuable advice and guide you in making the best choice to protect yourself and those you love. Do not underestimate the power of responsible magic.

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