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Clove oil – nailed ligament


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Clove oil – nailed ligament

Clove oil gives off an aroma that is attributed with the ability to attract bad energies and purify any environment, drive away evil spirits and activate people’s psychic powers. This herb has exceptional power in the esoteric world. Among its main magical powers are: protection, love, memory, value toward things in general, and healing of the being, especially when it comes to the digestive system.
How to use clove oil

Used to purify, clear domains and attract money. If you feel that an evil entity is haunting you, you can get rid of it with this oil. This is possible because its penetrating aroma is not aligned with negative spirits, they flee from the smell of cloves.

Clove oil is used to paralyze or neutralize a person, not to harm them. In this sense, they stick to pictures and dolls. Cloves were said to be inflated in houses to ward off bad energies. Healers, ward off spells with garlic and cloves.


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