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Futhark Wooden Rune Bag Engraved by Fire.

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Handcrafted wooden futhark runes bag

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Futhark Wooden Runes: The Ancient Art of Engraving and Divination

Wood futhark runes are more than just symbols engraved on wood; they are an open window into the ancient world of divination and sacred rituals. These ancient runic characters, handcrafted and fire-engraved on poplar wood, carry with them a rich history and profound meanings.

Runes were not only a tool for unraveling the mysteries of destiny, but also a tool for conducting sacred rituals and invoking deities and higher forces to guide the human path. Each runic sign represents a symbol of power and a connection to the spiritual world.

Each set of wooden runes is created with great care and craftsmanship. The runes have been masterfully sanded and protected with a natural resin that also preserves the original bark along the edge, adding an authentic touch.

This wooden rune set includes 24 fire-engraved runes, each with its own unique and profound meaning, as well as a blank rune representing the unknown, mystery, and limitless possibilities.

The runes are kept in a fabric pouch, perfect for safe keeping. This set is an opportunity to connect with ancient traditions and explore the depths of divination.

  • Poplar wood runes
  • Handcrafted
  • complete with fabric bag to store them

Fire-engraved wooden futhark runes bag

The wooden futhark runes were not limited to being a vehicle capable of revealing the dynamics of destiny, since from the beginning they played a role as prophetic as it was ritualistic, which allowed to invoke the deities or other higher entities to improve the course of the human existence.

These runes divinatory of wood , are entirely hand-worked, smoothed and treated with a natural protective resin that also allows you to keep the original bark along the edge. Every single rune has been burnt into the wood .

The pouch contains 24 fire-engraved runes plus an empty rune.

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