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St. Benedict’s holy water


St. Benedict holy water is particularly good for providing protection and peace of mind to anyone who uses it. Ideal for breaking spells…

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St. Benedict’s holy water

St. Benedict’s holy water is especially suitable, providing protection and peace of mind to anyone who uses it. Ideal for breaking dark spells, salting and applying in exorcism rituals.

How to prepare the holy water of St. Benedict

The preparation of St. Benedict’s holy water as part of the Catholic liturgy includes the reading of prayers proper to the ritual of exorcism, which is why it is attributed with the power to expel negative entities (demons). The use of holy water, among many other things, is an effective protection against the devil’s influence.

In addition, blessed water can be used to cancel the effect of discordant energies and bless people (healthy or sick), houses, businesses, property (vehicles, farmland) and animals.

Devotees ensure that the main quality of blessed water is that it remains incorruptible, despite the time it may remain stored in a container, for later use.

Add a few drops of this water to the water to clean the floors and protect your home from bad energy and malicious people. Remember that this product cannot be ingested.

The mode is used: it can be applied as a body lotion, spraying for remains, add to baths and…

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