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Tumbled Moonstone

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Tumbled Moonstone

The Moonstone is a feldspar with a mother of pearl glow that can vary from bluish to reddish beige, yellow-green or even black. In India it is called “the dream stone” because it is said to improve the quality of sleep and dreams.

The moonstone has a soft pearly luster of white-blue color that can vary depending on the structure.
Characteristics are the opalescence. The iridescence.

It is the stone of the high priestess, “divine feminine aspect! of creation. Its soft shades remind us of the moonlight.

The moonstone brings us into tune with the cycles of the first time; is associated with fertility! and progression. A powerful aid in developing intuition and emotional understanding. Nourishment for the soul.

Mineralogy: feldspar with iridescent reflections. monoclinic. primary.

Indications: Intuition; Inspires deep feelings, indicated in cases of sleepwalking; Opens the mind to inspiration and intuition.

Chakra: Frontal, throat and sacral.
Archangel: Auriel

Cleaning and Charging : immersion in cold salt water (even a few hours); alternatively resting on a family of amethyst or rock crystal; sun baths (no direct light) and moon baths regenerate its vitality. When the jasper has given up all the energy potential it has it will become fragile and break; at that point it is appropriate to return it to nature, releasing it into the sea or into a stream

Usage: carry it with you (in your pocket or in a natural fiber bag hanging around your neck); wear it as a stone mounted in necklaces, bracelets or pendants; it is not recommended to use it in the pillow case since, bringing a lot of physical energy, especially the red varieties, they could easily make it difficult to fall asleep; excellent during moments of meditation and reiki treatments; it can be made to adhere with a plaster to the skin in correspondence of the 1-2-3th chakra, depending on the colors; fundamental mineral in crystal therapy treatments

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Weight 50 g

Cage pendant, Only Stone


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