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    The magic forest tarot


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    The magic forest tarot

    The Magic Forest Tarot is a bizarre journey through a world of weird but cute animals and characters in captivating illustrations based on Rider-Waite. First published in Taiwan by Taiwanese artist Leo Tang, it was also republished by Lo Scarabeo with standard edges.

    At first glance, this deck is definitely a Rider-Waite-Smith clone that cleverly replaces the human element with stylized animal creatures. The deck is a standard complement of 78 cards with 22 major and 56 minor illustrated. The cardstock and liner appear standard and sturdy enough to resist mixing without being stiff or excessively slippery.

    The illustrations are surrounded by a discreet white border. The minor suits are labeled wands, cups, swords and pentacles and feature a dominant animal group within each suit: frogs wave their wands, rabbits raise cups, cats hold swords, and foxes play with pentacles. . The design of the back of the card is suitable for reversals. A dark blue background shows a mirror image of the deck title (in English) with a simple drawing of trees with a new moon, both in white.

    The deck arrives wrapped in a colorful presentation box with an internal section for cards and a self-closing attached lid. The softcover book is written in traditional Chinese with large black and white images of major and small images of minors. A variety of spread examples are illustrated, but unfortunately the book does not come with other translations. This is not harmful, however, as anyone familiar with the decks, symbols and interpretations, or access to the numerous publications, will be able to read with this deck immediately. Although the deck model is RWS, there are just enough subtle variations and color cues to use this deck for intuitive reads.

    The artwork is skillfully executed with subtle textures and rich, harmonious colors. The hazy atmospheres and the narrow perspective behind the simple white borders increase the depth of the images and give the impression of looking through a window into another world. “Magical Forest” is a perfect description of this world, as closer inspection reveals that it is not so much a Rider-Waite-Smith clone as a small glimpse of a weird and bizarre “alternate universe”.

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    Weight 200 g
    Dimensions 13 × 7 × 3 cm


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