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Book of shadows in triquetra leather


Book of Shadows in triquetra leather: Portal of magic and knowledge. Powerful symbolism, creative space, and enduring quality. A treasure for spiritual practitioners.

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Book of shadows in triquetra leather

The Leather Book of Shadows with Triquetra Symbol: A Treasury of Magic and Knowledge

This leather Book of Shadows, adorned with the sacred triquetra, is more than just a volume; it is a portal to a world of magic, rituals and secret knowledge. Measuring 21 x 15 x 2.5 cm, this book is a gem to add to your magical collection.

The Triquetra: A Symbol of Power

The triquetra is an ancient symbol composed of three intertwined circles, often representing unity, balance and protection. Each circle symbolizes land, water and air, or past, present and future. This symbol is loaded with meaning and is used in numerous magical and spiritual traditions. By adding the Book of Shadows with the triquetra to your arsenal, you bring with you a powerful symbol of spiritual connection and power.

A Vehicle for Magic and Creativity

This book gives you space to jot down spells, rituals, dreams, visions and more. Durable leather protects your words and designs from wear and tear and time. Every time you open this Book of Shadows, you enter a world of magic, where your creativity can flow freely, and where you can record your spiritual progress.

A Lasting Legacy

High-quality leather and well-designed measurements make this book a legacy for future generations of practitioners. It is designed to withstand the wear and tear of time, so that your words and symbols can be passed on to others as a precious gift of wisdom.

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Weight400 g
Dimensions21 × 15 × 2,5 cm


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