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Styrax resin incense (Styrax Calamnitus)

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Styrax resin incense (Styrax Calamnitus)

100% pure, natural, raw and unprocessed.
Styrax, or also called styrax resin, is a resin from the odoriferous tree, which is used for incense or as a medicine. Originally it came only from Asia Minor and the eastern part of the Mediterranean, extracted from the styrax tree (Styrax officinalis). Later the main part came from various species of the amber tree (Liquidambar orientalis, Liquidambar styraciflua), very similar in smell (but not related to the styrax tree), which is often also called the styrax tree.
Burn this resin during your meditation practices, you will not only keep your sacred space free of negativity and strong aura, but it will also promote healing and a transition to your work with deep spiritual insight. This all-natural styrax resin gives off a warm earthy vanilla scent that calms your thoughts and helps calm your mind. purifies and purifies the mind, while offering a comfortable energy to embark on your channels for spiritual communication.
Botanical name: Styrax
Correspondence of the elements: Air
Planetary correspondences: Sun
Zodiacal correspondences: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Magical Uses: Ancient Wisdom, Calming, Seance, Inner Peace, Divination, Ritual, Cosmic Connections, Spiritual Growth, Aura Cleansing, Astral Insights, Inspiration, Divine Light, Ascension, Stellar Gateway Connection, Enlightenment.
Magic Tip: Burn Storax Resin in a mediation just before bed and first upon awakening, in a meditative state for 3 days, to “reset” your energy levels and tap into a divine awakening.
Chakra: Third Eye (6th) / Crown (7th) / Soul Star (8th)
Holistic Uses: As a tincture, it is popular for skin care and wound care remedies.

With incense burners, the burning process will be slower than with charcoal. It is possible to mix this incense with other types of incense, as long as you use a slightly larger burner.

Pack of 30 gr

Styrax (Styracaceae styrax calamitus)



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Weight60 g

30 gr, 60 gr


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