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Pagan Incense – purification

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Pagan Incense


Pagan incense is mainly indicated to be able to get rid of bad energies, negative energies. Likewise, this natural incense is also suitable for attracting protection into your life and increasing psychic awareness. You will never feel insecure and unprotected again.

Over time, environments become filled with bad energies that need to be eliminated and replaced by positive energies.

Introducing the incense of pagan spells

  • Tube-shaped box containing 20 sticks
  • With an anise scent and a light spicy touch
  • The duration per auction is 20-30 minutes
  • Handcrafted with natural ingredients
  • Incense produced by the prestigious brand SAC
  • Contains no toxic or harmful substances
  • It is a product that takes care of the environment
  • It has not been tested on animals

Benefits of pagan incense

  • It is of great help being able to get rid of the bad energies that accumulate in the environments of one’s home, as well as in people.
  • On the other hand, it will provide you with more protection in your daily life, as well as increase your psychic awareness. You will feel the harmony and inner peace that you had lost over time.
  • It is able to attract good luck in your life in any area, regardless of whether it is love, money, work, family or health.
  • Its singular aroma is perfect for being able to flavor any room before a party or having guests. It is also perfect for practicing yoga and meditation

How to use this esoteric SAC incense?

Simply light a stick with a match and let it burn for 10 seconds. Turn off its flame and let it consume slowly. For your safety, never directly breathe in the smoke released from incense while it is being consumed. Let it burn and intoxicate the whole room with its aroma.

To use this incense, you will have to say these words by feeling them deep inside yourself: KLIM – KRISNAYA – GOVINDAYA – COPIJANA – VALLABAYA – SWAHA.

Do not leave the incense unattended while it is burning. Be sure to place the incense on an incense holder or a nonflammable surface. Never leave incense within reach of the youngest members of the household. Light the incense in a well-ventilated room, but always away from drafts. It is recommended to light at least 2 incense sticks weekly.

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