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Blue candle 7 days for protection during rituals


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Blue candle 7 days for protection during rituals

The blue color candle protection during rituals

The candle is a very important object in many esoteric and spiritual practices. In particular, the 7-day blue candle is widely used for protection during rituals, but not only. The color blue represents serenity, peace and calm, and is associated with the water element, devotion and inspiration.

This candle can also be used to promote tranquility, patience, understanding and reassurance. It can also provide spiritual guidance, inspiration, wisdom and creativity, and promote sincerity, honor and loyalty.

This candle can mainly be used for protection, defensive magic, divination etc. Or alternatively it can also be used for the following situations:

Tranquility, peace, calm, patience, understanding, reassurance, spiritual guidance, devotion, inspiration, wisdom, creativity, sincerity, honor, loyalty, truth, health, cleanliness, emotions, psychic harmony, meditation, astral projection, prophetic dreams.

It is important to remember that the 7-day candle should be lit and allowed to burn completely, without being extinguished until the end of the 7 days. You can use this candle during rituals or any other time you wish to take advantage of its esoteric and spiritual properties.

Its ability to protect, purify and promote serenity and inner peace make it highly valued in many esoteric and spiritual practices.

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