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Ruta ritual oil – protects against the evil eye


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Ruta ritual oil

Rue oil is specially prepared to cleanse the aura and negative energies. Protect from the evil eye. Be prepared to absorb the negative energies that prevent us from achieving positive results in a specific purpose or desire.
Uses of rue oil

This oil is also used for clairvoyance, petitions, power, help, help us in difficulties.

Rue oil is very versatile, as it is able to block bad vibrations and attract abundance and prosperity. This is oil, use it when they tell you that the negativity around you is not keeping you going.

It is also very useful for removing the evil eye and envy. High protection against people who envy and hate us, overturn situations of bad luck, overcome difficult economic times, both personally and in our business, protecting us from adversaries.

Eliminate negative vibes of envy, improve work, love contacts and problem solving.

With faith and perseverance, you will see results.

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