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Seal of Astaroth prince of hell

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Seal of Astaroth prince of hell

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Seal of Astaroth prince of hell

Signet of Astaroth prince of hell pendant necklace.

Material: Stainless Steel

In demonology, Astaroth is also referred to as Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth is a prince of Hell

In the Infernal Dictionary, Astaroth is depicted as a naked man with two pairs of dragon wings and feet and hands. On his head he has a crown, holds a snake in one hand and rides a wolf or a dog.

The figure of Astaroth as a demon is not well defined, often there are also discordant descriptions …
for example Astaroth is mentioned in Goetia which is basically a magical practice concerning the invocation and summoning of demons and which contains descriptions of the 72 demons that are said to have been summoned by Solomon and confined by him in a bronze vessel sealed with magical symbols forcing them to serve him. In this regard it is interesting to highlight a possible correlation with the kabbalistic tradition in which the names of the 72 angels that make up the angelic hierarchies are listed.



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