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Esoteric Oil Evil Eye


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Esoteric Oil Evil Eye, is a very efficient ritualized and natural product. It is used to protect rituals and to undo evil thoughts and energies cast by enemies.

One of its most popular uses is for
protection rituals.

It is also right to nullify
the evil thoughts and energies
cast by enemies.

Many people also use it for this as it is an excellent weapon against those bad energies that others spread to us.

Whether you want to
eliminate the negative thoughts
thrown by your enemies or protect yourself from these same people, you can use this product while remaining calm that will help you get

Ways of using esoteric evil eye oil and what are its benefits

  • Oil removes bad eyes should be used only for purposes that are
    esoteric purposes.

  • It should not be consumed or applied to the body or face.

  • It is indicated for
    protection rituals and for evil thoughts and energies cast by enemies.

  • It can be used to anoint candles, veils, amulets and other ritual items.

  • It helps you eliminate negative thoughts and the evil eye.
  • This will protect you from your enemies.

  • It is a handmade premium oil.

Eliminate the bad energies of your enemies

If you know that your
are sending you bad energy, you may want to try using this oil on purpose.

Not only will it help you get rid of bad energy, but it will also protect you from future damage they want to do to you.

A very simple way to use it is to anoint a candle to make a
a ritual
and thus remove the negative energy that your enemies send you from your life.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get a candle against
    bad energy or the evil eye.
  2. With the oil, you will grease the candle.
  3. When you act it on yourself, you have to make a request to be
    from your enemies and that the bad energies disperse from your life.
  4. Leave the candle until it is finished ..

This will have freed you from those evil thoughts and energies spread by your enemies and make you
against them.

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