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Esoteric oil 7 powers


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Esoteric oil 7 powers

This esoteric 7-power oil represents the seven forces; union, well-being, strength, harmony, protection, good fortune and prosperity. It is an oil opener focused on eliminating everything that blocks us. Esoteric Oil 7 Powers is a powerful oil that enhances work done on love, money, work, family, success, studies and health.

For followers of Santeria, the 7 African powers are associated with the 7 main deities of the Yoruba pantheon:

Orunmila (Orula), and

In the case of White Magic, the 7 powers are associated with the seven days of the week and the seven divine gifts:

peace (white),
red love),
protection (blue),
prosperity (orange),
energy (green),
wealth (yellow) and
wisdom (purple).

This 7-power oil represents Strength, Harmony, Good Fortune, Union, Protection, Wellness and Prosperity. With the candle you can achieve peace, love, wisdom and prosperity. It is also a great enhancer of desires.


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