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Rosemary ritual oil – Purification


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Rosemary ritual oil – Purification

The primary use of rosemary oil is to nip all negativity in the bud. This is a special oil for religious and spiritual offerings.

Indispensable for many esoteric spells and rituals. It is also commonly used for greasing candles and candles and as a complement in magical works.

A common way of use is to soak candles, which we light at the right time.

It is used in rituals to clean both people and rooms, as it drives away bad energies. Also used in exorcisms for its properties to fight evil spirits.

It is used in states of depression, as it increases people’s energy.

Enhances the effects of clairvoyance.

Rosemary oil is an excellent ally to enhance the capacity of attraction and seduction. Plus, it helps heal the wounds that a past love left us.

It can also be used for massages!

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