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Powerful ritual oil against enemies and envious


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Powerful ritual oil against enemies and envious

This you can esoteric oil is an effective and efficient element for your requests. This product is used for rituals of removal and protection against enemies, the envious, etc.

The Oil to Blow Your Enemies Out of Your Life is a premium handcrafted product for rituals of detachment and protection from enemies.

  • It can help you stay away from people who make you uncomfortable
  • And to protect you from your enemies.
  • Against the envious

Many times without realizing it, we are surrounded by people who want to harm us or who envy us for various reasons.

They are people who may not show it to us on a daily basis, but who wish us harm .

It is very important that you stay away from these people, as it can all start with a simple feeling of envy or jealousy, but then turn into something worse and end up hurting you physically or psychologically.

Once you identify who are those who hide behind a mask of kindness and sympathy but who really want to see you suffer, you can use flying oil to get away from them permanently.

Furthermore, it is an oil that will also provide you with protection against these people who want to harm you.

  • This oil can be used in combination with powders, candles and esoteric powders to enhance requests and rituals of distancing.

  • It is only for esoteric uses.

  • It can also be used in massages!

  • It is a handmade premium oil .

  • It protects you from your enemies and the envious.

  • It makes you stay away from fake people who want to hurt you.

  • It can be used to anoint candles, greasepaint, amulets and ritual objects.

  • It comes in a 35ml bottle .


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