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Powerful Ritual 7 African powers to achieve everything


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Powerful Ritual 7 African powers to achieve everything

This 7 African Powers ritual comes complete with instructions and all the components to make it happen.

New version, even more powerful!
With oil of the seven powers, talisman of the 7 powers, increased purification spray, and powder of the seven powers!

Who are the 7 African powers?

The Seven African Powers are seven of the most powerful and revered Orisha. When the Seven are gathered in invocation and prayer, they will do extraordinary things for their people. The seven African powers are these seven Orisha: Eshu Elegbara, Ogun, Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango and Oya. Now, depending on who you ask, the seventh (Oya) is sometimes replaced with Orunmila or Ochossi.

A note on online sources: I have done considerable research on the Seven African Powers and find it interesting that due to the forced syncretization of the Seven African Powers with seven Catholic saints, some sources claim that the original 7 were never Orishas. Who have always been holy. But I disagree and believe this is a dogmatic and patriarchal way of excluding the original indigenous religion. In the end, it is up to you what you believe about the Seven African Powers.

Who are the Orishas?

The Orishas are a group of spirits originating from Yorubaland, a region of Africa that includes Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Some people compare the Orishas to gods and goddesses. They are similar but not quite the same. In the Yoruba religion, there is a main creator god known as Olodumare. Additionally, Orishas are spirits (more like demigods or angels) who operate under the watchful eye of Olodumare. Olodumare created the Orishas and thus has dominion over them, including the Seven African Powers. However, the seven African powers are invoked in many different religions and magical systems, including Lucumi, Vodou, Santeria, Candomble, popular Catholicism, and many more!

The 7 African powers and saints

Let’s take a look at each of the seven African powers, their qualities, and the saints with which they have been syncretized. You can choose to work with individual Orishas OR learn to invoke the Seven African Powers together as this ritual is here for sale.

1. Eshu Elegbara

Eshu Elegbara is also known as Elegua, Exu, Eshu and Legba (or Papa Legba), depending on the tradition. This mighty orisha is the messenger between worlds and is the keeper of crossroads. Almost every spirit associated with crossbreeding is a cheat, and Eshu Elegbara is no exception. He is one of the seven African powers who is a psychopomp (a guide for the dead) and also a guardian of travelers. It is the Orisha to invoke when you need to pave a way and to open communication with all other Orisha and spirits.

Magical Associations of Eshu Elegbara:

  • Domain: Crossroads, All Roads, Paths, Thresholds and Doors, Psychopomp, Messenger, Travel, Fertility, Comedy, Malice, Healing
  • Saints: Sant’Antonio, San Lazzaro and San Pietro
  • Manifestations: over 200 manifestations according to tradition, such as a virile young man with a phallus, a concrete head with shell-shaped eyes and mouth, a limping old man with a stick and hat, etc.
  • Colors: black, red
  • Offerings: tobacco, rum, candy, toys, spicy foods (hot sauce and peppers)
  • Animals: mouse and rooster

2. Ogun

The second of the seven African powers is Ogun, Orisha healer who works iron. They say Ogun isn’t just an iron spirit, that be of iron . Therefore it rules over metalworking and alchemy of all kinds. Ogun’s polarity is present in his healing abilities and his ability to destroy. Patriarchal spirit, he watches over children and families and is one of the most revered Orishas of the African diaspora. Known as the spirit that never rests, Ogun is a shaman and healer and has close ties to blood. Judika Iles warns in her Encyclopedia of Spirits, that if you are bleeding in any form, NEVER get close to Ogun.

Magical Associations of Ogun:

  • Domain: Iron and Metalworking, Alchemy, Healing, Weapons, Oath, Orphans and Homeless, Obstacle Cutting, Technology, Vehicles / Transportation, Railroad Tracks, Shapeshifting (werewolves – lou garoux)
  • Saints: St. James the Great, St. Peter, John the Baptist, St. Martin and Andrew, Archangel Michael
  • Manifestations: virile man, strong with fiery eyes, manifests himself as metal itself; there are a LOT of Ogun manifestations and characters including Ogun Blandjo and Ogun La Flambo
  • Colors: green, red and white, black, blue
  • Offerings: Railroad Farewell Offers, Red Palm Oil, Red Candles, Cigar, Rum, Wine, Liquor, Dragon’s Blood, Metal, Chains, Railroad Nails, Metal Tools, Weapons, Toy Airplanes and Cars, Meat , red beans, grains of paradise, spicy foods, etc.
  • Altar: hidden in a cupboard or cupboard with 3-legged cauldron and offerings

3. Obatala

Obatala is an Orisha of the Seven African Powers known as a “cold” spirit of healing and peace. He is also credited with the task of creating human bodies, particularly with imperfections such as blindness and other defects. Maybe he knew that variety is necessary for human evolution! Obatala is the mildest of the Seven African Powers and very patient. His dominion is over legal matters and he brings legitimate justice. Obatala prefers people who are in control of their emotions and are balanced.

Magical associations of Obatala

  • Domain: justice and legal matters, peace and serenity, protection of the blind, the dumb and those with various birth defects, calm moods and anger, sobriety, creativity, healing
  • Saints / Deities: Jesus Christ
  • Manifestations: similar to Jesus, long hair and white robes
  • Colors: white
  • Offers: cascarilla powder, sugar, shea butter, water, milk, NO ALCOHOL, white rice, banana, white flowers
  • Animals: white doves, white elephants, snails

4. Yemaya

One of the seven African female powers, Yemaya is a water Orisha who presides over the oceans. Often depicted as a mermaid, Yemaya’s dominion is over all things ocean related. She is a sister of Oshun, Orisha of the rivers. The Great Mother and protects motherhood and female sexuality. She gives abundant treasures and foods like the sea, but she can also be angry like the sea. Don’t worship Oya and Yemaya in the same area, they don’t get along! Yemaya protects abused and neglected women and children as well as travelers on the sea. Invoke it on the beach.

The magical associations of Yemaya

  • Domain: female fertility issues, motherhood and children, abused women, overseas travelers, beauty, ocean, all ocean creatures, love, healing, abundance, people born under the zodiac signs of Water, anyone with ancestors survived the passage from West Africa to the New World is her people !, erotic dance
  • Saints: Black Madonna of Regla and Stella Maris
  • Manifestation: mermaid, beautiful woman wearing sea colors, sexually charged, hair and clothes decorated with shells, corals, crystals etc.
  • Colors: blue, white, pearl
  • Offerings: shells, jewelry, perfume, coral, flowers, watermelon, pomegranate, duck, lamb, fish, plantain chips, coconut cake, molasses

5. Oshun

Another of the seven African female powers, Oshun is the Orisha of the rivers. Water baptism invokes its purifying essence. When Oshun calls you, it is like a sweet river that envelops you. But if she is angry, beware! His dominion is over all things that flow such as water, love, milk, money, honey, etc. Invoke her for water purification rituals, to cure reproductive problems (for fertility), for romance, divination, work, magic, and more! Some believe that Oshun and Yemaya are sisters and worship them together. Oya and Oshun don’t get along!

Magical Associations of Oshun:

  • Domain: motherhood and children, fertility, healing, purification, love and romance, love for oneself , rivers and fresh water, divination, witchcraft, wealth
  • Saints: Catherine of Alexandria and Our Lady of Charity
  • Manifestations: beautiful woman dressed in yellow or gold and five gold bracelets, with a mirror at her belt, like a mermaid, manifests itself in cinnamon and honey, like fresh flowing water, cascades
  • Colors: yellow, gold, orange
  • Offerings: Mirrors, Rosemary, Lantana, Calendula, Pumpkin, Makeup, Brushes, Perfumes, Oils, Flowers, Fans, Sandalwood, Honey (ALWAYS taste honey before offering it to her – legend has it that she was once almost poisoned by honey! ), chamomile, shrimp and spinach, yellow and orange fruit and vegetables, cinnamon, river stones, amber, coral
  • Animals: all river fish, leopards, crocodiles, crickets, vultures, parrots and peacocks

6. Shango

Shango is one of the “hot” orishas and is known as the lord of thunder and fire. He is the fertile male god who is intimate with Oba, Oshun and Oya. Keep him and Ogun away from each other! They are rivals. Shango will bring justice through lightning and protect his followers from evil. Love music, women and fun.

Shango’s magical associations

  • Domain: thunder and lightning, justice, protection, male fertility and virility, sky, music and musical instruments, love, dance, fight
  • Saints: St. Jerome, John the Baptist, Santa Barbara
  • Manifestations: handsome powerful man in a red coat and cowrie shells, on a lightning bolt with a double ax
  • Colors: red and white
  • Offerings: copper, mugwort, root of saint young the conqueror, lots of spicy food, red foods and red palm oil, liqueurs such as red wine and rum, sugar and cascarilla
  • Animals: horse, ram, leopard, crocodile, turtle, lizard

7. Oya

Oya is the last of the Seven African Powers, although it is sometimes replaced with Ochossi or Orunmila. It manifests itself as a horned water buffalo or a beautiful woman. Its domain is the Niger River, fertility, secrets, shape-shifters, spirits, cemeteries, etc. Never invoke her and Yemaya or Oshun together (the only exception is when invoking the 7 African powers!)

Magical associations of Oya

  • Domain: River Niger, female fertility, magic, divination, women’s secrets, warriors, cemeteries, spirits of the dead, horse farms, libraries, ancestral line healing, winds (even hurricanes!), Markets
  • Saints: Santa Barbara, Teresa of Avila
  • Manifestations: beautiful woman, water buffalo, wear 9 copper bracelets, antelope
  • Colors: brown and purple shades
  • Offerings: Flowers, carambola, plums, purple grapes, nine eggplants as a traditional offering, bean pancakes, red wine, setting up an altar at home or making offerings at the cemetery gates
  • Animals: antelope, water buffalo, locust, sheep, horse

When to use the 7 African Powers ritual?

You have to cover all your magical bases or you have a great need. They help in self-empowerment, strength, prosperity, opportunity, family and home protection, healing, career, motherhood and fatherhood, fertility, peace, justice and legal matters and much more! If you feel that working with a spirit or god isn’t enough, invoking the 7 African powers will give you the spiritual punch you need!

If you want more information on this article on our blog you will find a beautiful article with all the insights on 7 African powers .

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