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Runic dial

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Runic dial

The Runic Quadrant: A Journey into the Ancient Art of Runes

The runic quadrant is normally a table where the 24 runes are present inside it, normally it is used with the pendulum, and the meaning based on how the runes come out and the same in using a simple bag of runes.

The Runic Quadrant is an impeccably structured table designed to accommodate and present the 24 runes of the ancient Runic alphabet. This alphabet, known as Futhark, has roots in Germanic and Nordic cultures and has been used for sacred, divinatory and magical purposes for centuries. Each rune has its own unique meaning and connection to the mystical forces that govern the world.

Made of fine black resin, the Runic Dial is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Black resin was chosen for its elegance and connection to darkness, a key element in the rune tradition. This material is also extremely durable, ensuring that the Runic Dial will accompany you for many years in your explorations of the world of runes.

But what really makes the Runic Quadrant special is its personalization. We offer the possibility to customize the color of the Dial to suit your personal taste and energy preferences. Whether you are attracted to the depth of black, the purity of white, or any other color that reflects your connection to the runes, we can create a custom Quadrant for you.

The measurements of the Runic Dial are 11 centimeters in diameter, an ideal size that allows for optimal handling during your divination sessions. The board is compact enough to be easily transported and used wherever you wish. The perfect size to fit in your personal shrine or to use on the go when you need guidance from runes.

One of the most intriguing features of the Runic Quadrant is its versatility. While many rune practitioners use it with a pendulum, it is also possible to use a simple bag of runes to let the runes manifest on the board. This flexibility allows anyone, from the beginner to the experienced practitioner, to explore the depths of the runes in a unique and personal way.


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