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Seal of Agares


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Seal of Agares

The Seal of Agares represents a key to make contact with this enigmatic entity, known for its ability to bestow wisdom, intelligence and persuasive abilities on those who seek its influence. Through centuries of esoteric traditions, the Seal of Agares has been used in rituals and ceremonies to invoke his presence and obtain his guidance.

A symbol precisely engraved on amulets and ritual objects, the Seal of Agares is considered a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Its energy is often invoked to gain protection, wisdom or to enhance communication with the invisible realm.

Agares (also Agarat, Agaros or Agarus) is a demon described in demonological grimoires.

Agares, (also Agarat, Agaros or Agarus), is a second demon of Ars Goetia summoned by King Solomon and a Grand Duke of Hell. He is the first Duke of the East to appear as an old blond or handsome man riding a crocodile and carrying a hawk on his fist. He teaches languages, catches those who run away and makes those who run away stand still.

It overturns supernatural and temporal dignities and can cause earthquakes. He was of the Order of Virtues and oversees from thirty-one to thirty-three legions. The Book of the Office of Spirits places him under Oriens and describes him as an old man riding a cockatrice, without a hawk.

The Great Grimoire presents him as a subordinate of Lucifuge Rofocale. Agares is said to have been locked up in a brass vessel and thrown into a deep lake or banished in “Lower Egypt” and also appears in the form of a Lord riding a crocodile and carrying a peregrine falcon. It is said to bring deserters back and can defeat enemies and find pleasure in teaching immoral expressions

In demonological grimoires, such as the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Dictionnaire Infernal, Agares is a duke “under the powers of the east”, an “old man who rides a crocodile and carries a hawk on his fist”, which teaches languages, stops and recovers people on the run, causes earthquakes and grants noble titles. The Lemegeton and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum state that he commands 31 legions of demons, while the Livre des Esperitz (who describes him simply as an old man).

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements: 35 mm in diameter


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