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Vegetable wax ritual candles

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Unscented full body vegetable wax ritual candles

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Vegetable wax ritual candles

Vegetable wax ritual candles, fragrance-free and full-paste, great for your rituals.

  • Vegetable wax
  • Height 20 cm
  • Solid dough (also colored inside)
  • Duration approximately 8 hours
  • Fragrance free

Below are the properties of each candle based on color:


Spirituality, sincerity, virginity, spiritual enlightenment, purity, spirit guides, balance, healing, peace, cleansing, defensive magic, physical energy, consecration, meditation, divination, exorcism, full moon, clairvoyance.


Unconscious, meditation, protection, removal of negativity, discord.


Air, sun, movement, creativity, imagination, learning, concentration, trust, understanding, persuasion, charm, eloquence, comfort, joy.


Fire, strength, health, vigor, courage, energy, vitality, driving force, survival, willpower, career goals, fast action, attraction, passion, sexual love, desire, danger, enemies, war.


Tranquility, peace, calm, patience, understanding, reassurance, spiritual guidance, devotion, inspiration, wisdom, creativity, sincerity, honor, loyalty, truth, health, cleanliness, emotions, psychic harmony, meditation, astral projection, prophetic dreams.


Earth, fertility, growth, physical healing, ambition, personal goals, prosperity, success, money, luck, charity, harmony.


Emotions, healing, spiritual healing, femininity, honor, service, compassion, care, nurturing, peace, romance, romantic love, family, friendship, affection.


Vitality, energy, stimulation, endurance, mental agility, kindness, fun, luck, prosperity, abundance, success, business, ambition, career, justice, legal matters.


Concentration, telepathy, materialism, protection of family members, pets, identification of lost animals, protection, friendship, favoring work


Power, success, idealism, independence, ambition, piety, holiness, sentimentality, protective energy, meditation, spiritual protection.


Balance, neutrality, cancellation, cancellation, neutralization, amalgamation.


Additional information

Weight 100 g

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, orange, Pink, Red, Viola, White, Yellow


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