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    White Sage related Smudges


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    White sage tied

    They are usually used for the purification of the sacred space

    Our white sage sticks, called Smudges Sticks are natural incense used in ceremonies, traditionally burned by Native Americans during the sweat lodge ritual. Increasingly, doctors and therapists are discovering the beneficial virtues of this herb. Smudges are used by many people to connect with the power of Mother Nature. The use of burning herbs and resins probably comes from cave times, but ceremonies aimed at purifying people, places and objects with smoke continue today, not only to keep away annoying insects, but also because the smoke of some plants help preserve food and skin. Some Smudges can also protect against negative thought forms. To take full advantage of the protective and purifying power of the Smudge, leaves or resin were burned to produce smoke with which the person or object was sprinkled, often using a fan of feathers. White sage is also burned during ceremonies to ward off spirits and negative influences. The leaves are highly valued for their aromatic properties and are used as a repellent for moths. White sage can also be used in other ways. The Native Americans of the plains use to cover the floor of the sweat lodge with artemisia leaves, they also used to breathe through a bunch of this plant or rub their body with the leaves during the sweat lodge ritual. They believe that mugwort makes evil spirits sick, which flee as soon as it is burned; on the other hand, it does not make good spirits sick who do not go away, but rather, they appreciate it very much!

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