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Ouija Board Planchette


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Ouija Board Planchette

The Ouija Board Planchette is an essential component used in spiritism sessions and communication with the spiritual world. It is a small, flat and usually oval object made of various materials such as wood, plastic or metal designed to move across the surface of the Ouija Board. Its main function is to enable participants to interact with the letters, numbers and elements engraved on the board, forming answers to questions posed during the session.

During a session, participants place their hands on the Planchette, establishing physical and energetic contact with the object. The Planchette, in response, moves across the board, indicating letters or numbers and thus creating a message or response.

The use of the Planchette Ouija Board is associated with divination and spiritism practices, often employed as a tool to establish a connection with spiritual entities or receive messages from the beyond. These tools are found in esoteric traditions and mystical practices, offering a means by which those who attend such sessions can explore mystery and seek answers from dimensions beyond our tangible plane.

These Planchettes are essential tools to enrich your Ouija Board sessions, offering a direct connection to the spiritual world.

Made of high-quality materials, our Planchettes are made of fine wood, ensuring durability and an authentic touch to your occult practices. Careful selection of materials ensures that each Planchette is one-of-a-kind, with engraved details and finishes that reflect the craftsmanship behind each creation.

The use of wood gives Planchettes a natural feel and a deeper connection with spiritual energies. Its ergonomic size and thoughtful design facilitate smooth movement on the Ouija Board, allowing you to navigate precisely through the engraved letters and answers.

Choose the quality and authenticity of our wooden Ouija Board Planchettes, the perfect accessory to enrich your spiritual communication sessions. Order now and get ready to explore mystery and magic with tools that reflect your dedication to the occult.

Wood material.


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Weight50 g

Black, White


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